Author Topic: Laurence Dalton 1844-1892-St Louis  (Read 1869 times)

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Laurence Dalton 1844-1892-St Louis
« on: 28 February, 2011, 13:33 »
Inputs on Laurence Dalton 1844-1892-St Louis MO
would be helpful. It is my understanding he was born in Ireland.
At times, his name was entered as "Lawrence", to his displeasure, on some documents .

He married Margaret Hyland.  1846-1895 It is my understanding that she was born in Ireland. Her first name as appeared as "Margrthe" or "Margrethe" on birth certificates for some of her children.

I am now seeing which of those offspring survived, but so far no cousins.  Flu, appendicitis, diabetes, and TB took a toll.

Most of my efforts to go back further have been frustrated. 

A Laurence has appeared on a NY census in 1860 as a child in the family of Dmmih Dalton.  It is unclear if this is my Laurence.

Dmmih was a transcription. We have tried to decipher the handwritten version.  Various opinions have resulted, but I cannot ascertain if one of those interpretations reflects an older Gaelic name or just another haphazard guess.  What Celtic name would sound like Dmmih to

I have located a Laurence with Civil War service; he enlisted in New York.  The age appears slightly wrong, but perhaps the record was written to increase his age.