Author Topic: more on the D'Altons of Golden Hills  (Read 1295 times)

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more on the D'Altons of Golden Hills
« on: 29 March, 2012, 20:34 »
Hi my name is Lynn and my husband John has ancestors who came from Golden Hills, Tipperary Cty.  In fact, his great aunt Aida and siblings were born at the "castle".  I was interested to learn that members were looking for information about Golden Hills and the cemetery where many D'Altons are buried.  We have pictures of the original home and transcripts of some of the gravestones written down by Florence(Aida) D'Alton who was born at Golden Hills in 1873.  Contrary to what I have seen on some of the article about Golden Hills, the D'Altons were still living there later than 1873.   Notice too the spelling of the name with the apostrophe.  Apparently some of the siblings dropped the apostrophe -see Charles Dalton but Aida insisted that it was part of the family heritage.Aida's father was John Edward D'Alton of whom we have a photograph.  We have a silhouette of him with his father, Edward D'Alton. The photos are all identified with the spelling of D'Alton.  Aida lived until 1973 - a grand old lady of 100 whom my husband visited when a young man.  We have letters and family stories written by Aida including her time during World War 1 when she was nursing and her years before the war when she was visiting some princesses of Europe.

John's grandfather emigrated to South Africa and his father emigrated to Canada in 1929 where we currently live.

I would be especially interested to hear from any of the family who are living in England.  My husband met some of the relatives when young but has lost touch.