Author Topic: Wanted to contact Colin and Louisa Gray of New Zealand  (Read 1653 times)

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Dear kind, helpful (hopefully) Dalton family members.
I am not a connection to the Dalton family (at least that I know of) but yesterday I found information about my great-uncle, Thomas Jones, (son of John Traynor Jones and Louisa Matilda Curtis) who was born Boorowa, NSW, Australia in 1847 and who married Harriet Jackson in 1877.  I have been trying to find info on Thomas for 28 years, as previously I only had had his baptismal date.  I did not know who he married until yesterday.  I then searched on Google and found a query on a website from 10th April, 2001 from Colin Gray (husband of Louisa) of Feilding, New Zealand.  Colin was looking for relatives of Thomas and Harriett Jones.  I was so thrilled to find someone researching Thomas, and sent Colin an email, but it came back as being undeliverable.  Understandable, as his query was 12 years old.  I Googled again and found the Dalton Genealogical Society website and found the following reference to Colin and his wife Louisa.  I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO CONTACT COLIN, CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH A CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS?    OR GIVE ME ANY INFO AT ALL ON HIM.  This entry below is from 2009, so hopefully he is still contactable.

The last weekend of September we went to an area of salt water lakes known as the NSW Central Coast which is north of Sydney and south of Newcastle. It was our great joy to meet up with family members Colin and Louisa Gray from New Zealand. Colin has been not only a friend and fellow researcher but mentor to me. Colin had extensively researched part of my Dalton family back in the 1970’s and 1980’s and has shared this information with me.

I await anxiously for a reply to my post!
kind regards, Marcia McIntyre (nee Jones) Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia.