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My great-great-grand-mother Sarah Storey was born in 1845 Philadelphia and died 1881.  Her mother was Elizabeth Dalton Storey, and she had two aunts: Jane Dalton Emmerson and Mary Dalton McGourren Keating. 

The information I am looking for is:
1.   Birth or baptism records for Mary, Jane and Elizabeth Dalton.
2.   Parents names – also, did they have brothers?
3.   Verification that Mary, Jane and Elizabeth are sisters.  Their ages on records would indicate that Mary was born between 1801 and 1808, Jane about 1812 and Elizabeth in 1818.
4.   Clues from each sister indicate they are from Cumberland County – Bowness?  Carlisle?
5.   Marriage record for Jane Dalton and husband John Emmerson.  (I have looked at BMDs, but not found anything matching.)

The Key facts I have, based on family history and verified source materials, are:

Elizabeth Dalton
•   A christening record for Elizabeth Dalton was found for May 6, 1818, with mother of Elizabeth Dalton, no father listed, in Edenham, Cumberland, England.
•   July 04, 1836 - Joseph Story married Betsy Dalton by banns.  Witnesses William Story Jr., Joseph Dant, A. Robson and Charlotte McNeil [Marriages at St. Mary’s, Carlisle, England]
•   Joseph Storey, 2nd son of William Storey and Ann Nicholson of Carlisle, England, was born Aug 14, 1814 and died Aug 12, 1863. 
•   Children born to Joseph Storey and Elizabeth include:  James Dalton Storey (born 1835 Gateshead, England, died unknown Pennsylvania or New Jersey); Isabella Storey (born 1838 England and died 1882 Philadelphia) married James Taylor; Mary Anne Storey (born 1841 England died unknown); Sarah Storey (born 1845 and died May, 1881) married William James Davis, Jr. (My great-great-grandparents); Elizabeth Storey (born 1847 NYC and died 1871).Suzanna Dalton Storey (born 1850 and died 1851).
•   James Dalten, son of Joseph and Betsy Story of Castle Street – painter, baptized at St. Mary’s church, Aug. 14, 1836 [Baptisms at St. Mary’s Church, Cumberland]
•   The English 1841 census lists  Joseph Storey age 25, Elizabeth Storey age 20, James Dalkin Story age 5 and Isabella Storey age 2.  [1841 England Census, Gateshead, Durham, England]
•   The Storey family is listed in the 1850 US Census living in New York City:  Joseph (“Strey”) – age 32, Elizabeth age 30, James age 14, Isabella age 11, Mary A age 8, Sarah age 5, Elizabeth age 2 [1850 US Census, New York Ward 5, NYC]
•   Elizabeth Dalton Storey, wife of Joseph, died July 5, 1852, of dysentery. [Philadelphia City Death Certificates]

Elizabeth Dalton had two sisters, Jane and Mary, and both of these sisters came to America. 

Jane Dalton
•   Jane appears in the 1870 US Census living in Philadelphia, 2410 Factory St. with husband John Emmerson.  Jane is 48 (putting her birth year as 1822),  John Emmerson is 50. [1870 US Census, Philadelphia Ward 7, District 17]
•   Jane Dalton Emmerson died Philadelphia, 1882.
•   John Emmerson died March 28, 1894.  He was a widower, age 79.    [Philadelphia City Death Certificates].  John Emmerson’s undertaker bill was paid by son Christopher Emmerson.
•   John Emmerson was supposed to be a widower with 1 son when he married Jane Dalton.  Using various clues and source, I have determined that Jane Dalton was John Emmerson’s wife in the 1851 UK Census, Gateshead, Durham, England, with John Emmerson’s 3 children from a prior marriage.
•   Found Christopher, age 10, and John and Jane Emmerson listed in 1851 UK Census, Northumberland, Newcastle-in-Tyne, living in  Old Poor House of St. Andrew’s parish.  John (36) is a house carpenter.  Jane (39) was born in Cumberland, Bowness.  The children were born in Durham Cty, Gateshead.  [Census Returns of England and Wales, 1851, Northumberland, Newcastleon-Tyne] 

Mary Dalton
Mary Dalton was Sarah Story Davis’ aunt and had two husbands in Philadelphia:  Ed McGourren (born about 1796 and died Oct 1853), and John Keating (born about 1815 and died March 14, 1863, serving during the Civil War)

•   Mary Dalton (born about 1802 in County Cumberland, England and died Sept. 30, 1880).  She married: #1: Ed McGourren (born about 1796 and died Oct 1853), #2: John Keating (born about 1815 and died March 14, 1863, serving during the Civil War)
•   Ed and Mary McGourren are listed in 1850 US Census, Philadelphia.   Ed is 56, a laborer, born in Ireland, Mary. 47, born in England.  [1850 US Census, Philadelphia, Cedar Ward]
•   John and Mary Keating are listed in 1860 US Census, [1860 US Census, Philadelphia, Phila. Ward 7].  John is 45 and Mary 40. 
•   In the 1868 Mary Keating opened a savings account with the Bishops’ Bank (Archiocese of Philadelphia).  The ledger indicates she was 60 years old and born in Cumberland, England. 
•   Mary Keating, wid John, lived at 2410 Factory Street, 1870, with Jane and John Emmerson. [1870 US Census, Philadelphia Ward 7, District 17]
•   Mary Keating’s 1880 census record includes the William Davis family (William, Sara and their 4 children).  [1880 US Census, Philadelphia Ward 7, District 17]
•   Mary Keating died September 30, 1880, at 2414 Factory St,  of pneumonia, aged 79.  Interestingly, the certificate states she is married and born in Ireland  [Philadelphia City Death Certificates]

If anyone recognizes these ladies and has additional information to share, I would greatly appreciate it.  Or if additional sources of information can be shared, that would also be great.  If additional facts are needed for the information I have provided, I will gladly provide what I have.

Jeff Mingle