Author Topic: William Dalton b. 1820 in England to St. John's NFLD  (Read 1031 times)

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William Dalton b. 1820 in England to St. John's NFLD
« on: 13 August, 2013, 18:53 »
I am posting this request for information on behalf of a DGS member in Maine -

"Looking for any information on great great grandfather William Dalton.  William was born in England about 1820, but I don't know where or the names of his parents.

He emigrated to St. John's Newfoundland where he married Susanna Biddiscombe on 19 Jun 1847 at St. Thomas Anglican Church in St. John's.  Susanna was born 15 Sept 1829 and died 20 Apr 1907.  William died 11 Nov 1877 in St. John's.

Their first born, William was born 6 Jan 1848, and was my great-grandfather.  He married Deborah Ryan from Pouch Cove, Newfoundland on 3 May 1871.  They moved to Lynn, Mass.

William and Susanna had a total of 9 children:
Catherine Theresa was their second child, born 8 Aug 1850.  She married Thomas Ryan of Pouch Cove on 19 Oct 1872.  He was the brother of Deborah Ryan who married William.

William and Susanna's other children were:
Elizabeth b. 2 Feb 1853
Susanna b. 18 Mar 1855
William John b. 31 Dec 1856
Harriet b. 3 Apr 1860
Samuel b. 26 Feb 1863
Charlotte b. 6 Mar 1866
Annie Elizabeth b. 18 Mar 1869

I don't have any additional information on the other children.  I know is a long shot but worth a try.  My brother was tested in the Dalton DNA project, but so far has remained a singleton. 

If anyone has any info to offer please reply to the Forum.  Many thanks."